Decoder Installation:  Please note that older brass models will require work to make them suitable for DCC decoder installation. See below for the type of work and costs.

Non Sound Decoder Installation: $55
Sound Decoder with 1 speaker Installation: $135. ESU Lok Sound installations are $145
All installation pricing includes wiring, shrink tubing, solder, lighting resistors and programming. 
Decoder and speakers can be provided by the customer or I can purchase these with a 20% sourcing fee.  
Extra features can be added and a quote provided upon request. 

​Contact me for information on special features or projects.


Locomotive, Passenger Car & Rolling Stock Painting:  

I use Scale Coat Lacquer on metal or quality enamel on plastic. All metal models will be primer painted before final coat is applied.

All models receive a clear protective finish. This can be flat, satin or gloss.
Single color: N Scale: $175   HO Scale: $220     O Scale: $275
Colors: $40 for each additional color
Cab interior: N Scale: $5 HO Scale: $10  O Scale: $15
Decals: Micro Scale or similar and cost of one sheet is included in price
Steam loco ,diesel or passenger car striping $50 for all scales.
Finish: flat, satin or gloss included in cost.


Brass Locomotive Repairs and Tune-up:

Brass models may look great but generally have a hard time moving around a layout. I tune and/or re-build mechanisms to run smoothly, stay on the track and optimize dcc performance.  Parts cost is not included and a quote will be provided. Parts require a 20% sourcing fee  (Search time, shipping).

Tune Up: Clean and lube mechanism. Remove burrs from gears, wheels and side rods/valve gear. Align driveline. Clean and polish wheels. Tune gearboxes and drive shafts. Re-gauge wheels. Adjust clearances to go around curves and over dips ( All within reason. A 4-12-2 cannot negotiate a 18 inch radius curve). Install and/or adjust couplers. Clean all electrical contact surfaces. * Kadee couplers provided at extra cost.

Moderate Repairs: Tune up plus new silicone tubing driveline couplings or replace these with universal joints. Re-quarter drivers. Add or remove weight. Adjust or replace springs for better traction and operation. Replace couplers if needed. Re-solder loose or broken detail parts. Install cab windows and crew.

Heavy Repairs: Cost estimate will be provided before any work begins. Includes Tune up + Moderate repairs and new gearboxes, drive shafts, bearings, bushings, thrust washers, motor, resolder broken or loose brass detail parts. Provide and attach missing detail parts. Add and/or change client specified details. Complete other work as required.

​Contact us for special projects.

Quote at $27.50 per hour will be provided for all locomotive abad rolling stock repairs.


Forensic Models & Custom Model Structures:

​These are quoted on a project by project basis. Contact us for your special project.​.


Payment & Shipping:
For models requiring advance purchase of electronic parts, I require a minimum $100 start payment to cover initial costs.

I accept payment by check, cash or PayPal.

Payment is due upon completion and prior to delivery, including shipping cost.

Digital photos are emailed to client prior to shipment.
Shipping is by USPS Priority Mail with additional insurance and is paid by client.



If you experience a failure of the installation or work performed by Durango DCC within the first 30 days after installation due to work defects, repair or replacement will be done at no cost to you other than your cost of returning the model to me. To qualify, the work  must have been done and the materials supplied by Durango DCC and not subject to abuse or natural disasters. Defective material failures will need to be verified by the supplier and if found to be defective a replacement will be made. Defective client supplied materials may be replaced by Durango DCC under our pricing and with the clients approval.

​Always call or email before returning models to Durango DCC as sometimes issues can be resolved quickly and easily in this manner.